What Are The Healthiest Energy Drinks Of 2022

The word caffeine comes to mind whenever we think about the healthiest energy drinks. The two words have become almost synonymous, and many people take coffee as their go-to energy drink.

However, several alternatives are available in the market, which tastes much better than the all-known coffee. Some of these alternatives even deliver about 1 to 3 times more caffeine than coffee. These energy drinks will give you the energy boost you want to do your jobs during different times of the day.

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If you plan to do an all-nighter for an upcoming test or just want to get rid of the afternoon sluggishness, you can trust these drinks to get you back into the game. With these energy drinks, you can get a caffeine boost without worrying about extra calories or harmful food additives.

The Healthiest Energy Drinks Of 2022

Here are our picks of some of the healthiest energy drinks of 2022.

1.   Zevia Zero Calorie Energy Drink

This energy drink by Zevia uses organic stevia leaf extract to give the drink a refreshing flavor. It delivers about 120mg of caffeine without adding any carbs, sugars, fats, proteins, or sodium. All these substances, except caffeine, are absent in the energy drink. Thus you can get your caffeine boost without worrying about harmful additives.

2.   Nuun Energy

Nuun Energy provides the much-needed caffeine dose in the form of dissolvable tablets, which are very convenient and can give you an instant energy boost anytime, anywhere. These tablets come with about 80mg of caffeine.

The best thing about these is that they also come packed with other essential vitamins and nutrients, including ginseng, vitamins Bs, and many electrolytes. The only downside to these tablets is that they come with some extra added sugars and sodium, but these amounts are very negligible.

Healthiest Energy Drinks

3.   Sambazon Amazon Energy Drink

This energy drink is one of the best options because it is packed with many anti-oxidants and has enough vitamin C to fulfill your body’s daily needs completely. This drink provides you with 120mg of caffeine which comes from the green tea extracts present in it.

To give flavor to the drink, it has some additive sugars and carbohydrates, measuring 6g and 17g, respectively. But when you consider the excellent taste and the organic energy boost, these additives don’t amount to much.

4.   Focused Clean Energy

This energy drink also contains added vitamin Bs and gives about 100mg of caffeine through green tea sources. Yerba mate also contributes to the caffeine amounts in this drink. One good thing about this drink is that it is gluten-free and very low in calories.

The sweetness comes from organic stevia leaf extracts and sucralose is added for this purpose. It does come with 9g of total carbohydrates and has about 40 calories.


We have listed some of the healthiest energy drinks of 2022 for you. Zevia comes with zero added sugars and preservatives and can be the best option for people conscious of what they put in their bodies. But for everyday use, the other two options are also excellent as they give an organic energy boost without harming sugars and food additives.

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